Stationary and process scissor lift tables

Stationary lift tables and lifting jacks are our largest product group. They are simple, efficient and ergonomic, and at the same time they have a wide variety of additions.

Loading bay lifting tables

Columbus Mckinnon handling lift tables are used in handling to compensate for a level difference between a vehicle and the other level, e.g. a ramp or floor.

Double and triple scissor lift tables

Vertical multiple scissor systems enable the user to achieve double lifting heights while maintaining the minimum length of platform than for single scissor lift tables.

Low-profile lift tables

Low-profile lift tables are an excellent choice, if the streamlining of work and lifting loads to working height is required.

Tandem lift tables

The tandem lift tables are fitted with two or more pairs of scissors situated in a row, which allows the platform length or higher lifting capacity to be obtained as necessary.

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Tilt lift tables

Columbus Mckinnon offer tilt lift tables with various tilting variants. The tilt lift tables can be floor or foundation mounted.

E-series Heavy Duty lift tables for intensive work

The series of types >E-Series Heavy Duty< is designed for the most demanding Customers and heavy duty work in industry and process lines.